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4 Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

Have you had your boiler for over ten years? Do you find it’s always in need of a repair? Or do you just fancy an efficient, reliable replacement boiler? If so, our gas engineers in South Wales will be happy to help. Here are the five top benefits of treating your home to a new boiler and how much better off you and your home will be!

Greater boiler efficiency

The majority of new boilers have A Rated efficiency, making them over 90% efficient. boilers from only ten years ago may be as low as 50% efficient- meaning you are wasting half of the energy you are paying for! According to The Energy Savings Trust, your boiler makes up roughly 60% of your home energy bills- so having a new boiler that is 40% more efficient than your old model will make a huge difference over time and the savings will speak for themselves!

More control over temperature

If you get a new boiler, it will most likely be compatible with smart thermostats and TRVs. This will allow you to have much more control over your home’s temperature and the energy you are using. TRVs allow you to set the temperature for each room separately, allowing you to switch the heating off in unused rooms. Smart thermostats allow you to change the temperature of your home via your smart phone- so there are no more panics when you forget to switch your heating on/off!

Quieter boilers

Your new boiler will be much quieter than your current model, thanks to improved technology and better materials. This will make a huge different to those with upstairs boilers, especially the other side of a bedroom wall.

Smaller boilers

Again, thanks to new technology and a more compact design, your new boiler will be much smaller. Because of this, most boiler installs are now in kitchen cupboards- an easy way to keep your boiler out of sight and out of mind.

Need a new boiler in South Wales?

Here at Green Flame Plumbing and heating, we are proud to say all of our gas engineers are on the Gas Safe register and have plenty of experience to offer you a more than satisfactory job every time! We offer boiler repairs, servicing and replacements in South Wales, covering Bridgend, Cardiff, Pontyclun, Pontypridd, Porth, Vale of Glamorgan and all of the surrounding areas.
For more information, or to arrange a quote, give us a call on 07971 651 849 / 07429 250 903 or fill out our quick and easy contact form and we’ll respond as quickly as we can. We hope to hear from you soon!