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Powerflushing, based in South Wales

Covering Pontypridd, Pontyclun, Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff and all surrounding areas.

In addition to specialising in the installation of new central heating systems, Green Flame Plumbing & Heating also provide maintenance work to existing systems via a powerflush. Contact our engineers using the details below to book a powerflush in South Wales. If you would like to book a central heating powerflush in or around Pontyclun, give us a call on 07971 651 849 or 07429 250 903 or select the button below. 

Powerflushing in Pontypridd

Noticed a drop in performance of your central heating system in recent months? You're likely due a powerflush. Powerflushing sees water pushed through the entire central heating system at a high velocity in an attempt to remove any debris and sludge that might otherwise be impacting its performance. 

We'll also add our own powerful cleansing and immobilising agents to further improve the cleansing process. Powerflushing is beneficial for several reasons: Improved central heating performance, longer lifespan, warmer radiators and long lasting results. 

What Green Flame Plumbing & Heating's powerflushing service includes:

Our comprehensive service makes sure that your central heating system is running smoothly and remove all blockages and sludge that could be causing your central heating system to slow down and operate less efficiently. Here's what our outstanding powerflushing service includes: 

  • Pump a special chemical designed to remove sludge through your central heating system
  • Flush through a descaler into your heating system to remove limescale 
  • Use a corrosion inhibitor throughout your heating system to remove debris particles and contaminated water
  • Use our expertise and tools to locate and remove stubborn blockages

Key advantages of a powerflush

Powerflushing is a fantastic way to improve the health of your central heating system as well as provide peace and mind that your boiler system is running at its best. Detailed below are the key advantages of a full central heating powerflush:

 Improve the efficiency of your central heating system

As mentioned previously, a powerflush greatly improves your central heating system performance. Improved performance means your boiler does not have to work as hard to get results and meet the temperature set by your thermostat. Meaning that powerflushing is an excellent way to save money on your monthly heating costs

 Reduces the chances of a breakdown 

By improving the flow of water around your heating system, you can decrease the risk of boiler breakdowns caused by poor circulation, which helps to further save you money on unexpected emergency call outs to fix your boiler. 

 Prevents future build-up of sludge, debris and limescale

Not only does a powerflush work to remove limescale, sludge and debris, it also helps prevent future build-up. By using specially formulated chemicals around your system, our heating engineers provide protection against the issue from building up quickly again.

 Heat your home faster

By providing better flow and circulation to your heating system, you can expect your home to heat up faster and respond more promptly to your thermostat settings.

Are you due a powerflush?

There are a few signs to look out for when deciding whether or not it's time for a central heating powerflush. If you've noticed any or a couple of the signs below, please contact our engineers to see if we can help:

  • Are radiators taking their time to heat up?
  • Have you noticed a dramatic rise in the price of your energy bills? 
  • Can a magnet attach to the copper pipework (indication of rust inside)?
  • Is the boiler making strange noises?
  • Does the boiler switch itself off without properly warming the water/radiators?

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Contact our engineers for a powerflush in South Wales

If you are not sure if your central heating system needs a powerflush, why not get in touch with one of our friendly heating engineers? To get in touch with our gas engineers in South Wales, please call us on 07971 651 849 or 07429 250 903 or fill in our contact form and mention powerflushing, we'll get back in touch ASAP. We proudly provide our powerflushing service throughout Pontyclun, Pontypridd, Pontyclun, Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff as well as surrounding areas.

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