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Is it Time for a Powerflush?

A powerflush gets rid of sludge, debris, rust and build up contaminating the insides of your central heating system. Over time, this sludge can be very harmful and wastes you a lot of money by reducing the efficiency of your system.
During a powerflush, cleansing chemicals are circulated at a very high velocity, helping improve the cleansing process. This flushes out anything that has been building up in your pipes over time, as well as restoring your system to almost brand new again!

Signs you need a powerflush

  • Little/no hot water- suggests pipework is blocked by sludge
  • Cold spots on radiators - cold spots are a result of iron oxide sludge building up in the bottom of your radiator, restricting water flow.
  • Central heating takes a while/doesn’t kick in- again, suggests pipework is blocked by sludge
  • Dirty water when bleeding radiators- bleeding radiators may help with the circulation and can help with cold spots, but finding dirty water is a sign you need a powerflush

Benefits of a powerflush

Extended central heating lifespan

Keeping your boiler in good shape with a powerflush is the best way to ensure it lasts as long as it should.  A powerflush clears out all of the harmful build up inside your central heating, returning it to a brand new condition. This reduces the risk of burst pipes or corrosion over time.

Improved efficiency with a powerflush

Removing all sludge and debris makes your boiler’s job a lot easier, when it comes to heating your home. Your system is free to work like brand new, wasting much less energy and saving you a noticeable amount of money, as a result.

Long lasting results

If you service your boiler each year, a powerflush can last for up to ten years. If you notice any warning signs earlier you should get it checked out with out gas engineers but, generally, you can expect a decade free from sludge, cold spots and slow-starting central heating.

Do you need a powerflush in South Wales?

If you have spotted any warning signs in your central heating system, or you haven’t had a powerflush in the last ten years, now is the best time to get one booked. Here at Green Flame Plumbing and Heating, we offer powerflushes in South Wales, covering Bridgend, Cardiff, Pontyclun, Pontypridd, Porth, Vale of Glamorgan and all of the surrounding areas.
To arrange a quote or for more information- give us a call on 07971 651 849 / 07429 250 903, email us at info@greenflameplumbingandheating.co.uk or fill out our handy contact form. We hope to be in touch soon!