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Boiler repair specialists based in Bridgend, South Wales

We provide skilled boiler repair services in Bridgend and throughout South Wales, including Porth, Cardiff, Pontyclun, the Vale of Glamorgan, and the Rhondda.

How can you know whether your boiler needs to be repaired?

 It is critical to be able to recognise when your boiler is on the point of failing. As boiler repair professionals, the staff at Green Flame Plumbing and Heating knows exactly how to determine whether a boiler requires repair.

boiler repair bridgend

Symptoms that indicate a boiler needs to be repaired

Radiators that have cold spots

 If you've turned on the heating and the radiators haven't warmed up after recently bleeding them, there's probably a problem with the heat exchanger or the thermostat that has to be repaired by a competent gas engineer.

Unusual boiler noises

Boiler noises such as kettling, loud bangs, and gurgling indicate that there is either trapped air in the system or limescale that has to be cleaned from the heat exchanger.

You notice the smelly odour of a gas leak

 If you notice an egg-like odour in the air, please call our gas experts immediately as this might indicate a gas leak anywhere in the system, which is clearly highly dangerous.

If you repeatedly have boiler breakdowns

Consider if the cost of repairs and call-outs outweighs the cost of a new boiler if you need to call a Gas Safe licenced engineer more than once a year. Regular maintenance on your current boiler should keep it running well all year, so a replacement is only necessary if it persists to malfunction.

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The examples above are only a few of the flaws to watch out for when it comes to a faulty boiler. If you find anything else, please contact us using the information provided below, and we will gladly help you.

Bridgend-based boiler repair professionals

If you require boiler repair and live in Bridgend or any of the nearby regions such as Pontyclun, Pontypridd, Cardiff, the Vale of Glamorgan, or the Rhondda, then call us on 07971 651 849 or 07429 250 903 or use our website's contact form and we will get back to you!

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