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Boiler repair specialists based in Pontyclun, South Wales

We repair all types and sizes of boilers throughout Pontyclun and the surrounding areas. Get in touch for a free quote!

If your boiler has been showing signs that it is not working properly, or even if it has shut down altogether, then the chances are that you need a qualified boiler specialist based in your local area to visit your property and get your central heating back up and running as soon as possible. 

boiler repair pontyclun

Boiler repair experts based in Pontyclun

What checks should I do when my boiler breaks down?

When it comes to boiler repair, the team at Green Flame Plumbing and Heating are truly experts in the field. To demonstrate our level of expertise, we have outlined below some checks that you should always do when you have first noticed that your boiler has broken down, so you know that we know what we are doing when it comes to boiler repair.

Check your fuse box

If your boiler has unexpectedly turned off, you should always check to see whether a fuse box switch has tripped, since this might damage your boiler, especially during a power outage that causes the timer to reset. We propose that you verify the time on the clock and reprogram it if it does not match.

Do you have a pre-paid meter?

It may be the case that you pre-pay for your gas and electric and have a pre-paid meter. If this is the case, then it is possible that it has run out of credit, leading your electric supply to be disconnected and your boiler to cease operating. If this is what's happened, then you should be relieved, as getting your boiler back up and running again is as simple as topping up the payment on your meter!

Are there any problems with your gas supply?

When there is a blockage in your gas flow, your boiler fails to ignite. We advise that if your boiler stops working, you should check your other gas appliances to make sure they're still operating, and make sure the Emergency Control Valve isn't switched off (this is located adjacent to the gas metre). To assess your gas supply, we recommend engaging a Gas Safe qualified engineer like one of ours here at Green Flame Plumbing and Heating.

Is your gas pressure too high or low?

If there is too much or too little gas, your boiler may have problems. Your boiler will most likely display a fault code if the gas pressure is wrong. Test the gas pressure in your central heating system with a professional and experienced specialist.

If your boiler has broken down in winter, is there a chance that outdoor pipes have iced over? 

Because of the UK's harsh winter temperatures, it's usual for the weather to damage your pipe system, and frozen condensation may rapidly develop a blockage. This impediment may cause the boiler to overflow and shut down. So, if your boiler has broken down, check to see if the pipes are frozen, which can assist you to determine the source of the problem!

Is your boiler displaying a fault code?

You may have observed a fault code on your boiler, which may help you determine if the problem you are experiencing can be resolved on your own or requires expert assistance. If you don't have your boiler manual, you should be able to find it online. It will offer guidelines that will guide you through the most common boiler problem codes and how to resolve them.

Has your boiler's pilot light gone out?

Your boiler's pilot light can go out for a number of reasons, and this problem is actually extremely typical for older boilers. To begin, you can ignite the pilot light on your own by following the instructions in your boiler's manual. Our heating professionals here at Green Flame Plumbing and Heating strongly advise against disassembling or modifying your boiler on your own. Please call a Gas Safe Registered engineer if you are unable to relight the pilot light. See below for details of how to get in touch with us!

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Contact us if you need your boiler to be fixed in Pontyclun

Our boiler repair specialists are based in Pontyclun and cover surrounding areas in South Wales, such as Bridgend, Porth, Cardiff, the Vale of Glamorgan, and the Rhondda. We are always available to help local customers with fixing their boilers, so if your boiler breaks down, then give us a call on 07971 651 849 or 07429 250 903 or use our website's contact form to send us a message of the exact problem that you are facing and we will respond back to you as soon as we can.

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